From Rarities to Regulars

Cardinals and Blue Jays and Thrashers – oh my! These three birds that were conspicuously absent when I first set up the backyard feeders are now consistently present.

The Cardinals, who were initially cautious around the camera (and the person holding it!), preferring to hide in the Pine Trees until the coast was clear, now swoop in confidently to sample seed.

The Blue Jays (though not yet as bold as their red-feathered friends) now announce their arrival with raucous cries before descending on a branch and giving me a welcoming glance or two.

I haven’t seen them pack away as many peanuts as my previous Jays, but I’ve no doubt they’ll get there!

And the Thrashers – well – a few months ago they were skittish and scared (though I’m sure they’d deny it!) but now they barge in and act like they own the place.

They give any other eaters a golden-eyed glare…

…then help themselves to some Bark Butter or peanuts.

I’m glad these three have gone from rarities to regulars!

4 thoughts on “From Rarities to Regulars

  1. Great shots, Kathy! I get the same birds at my end too. They will become regulars once they know that you feed them regularly. Enjoy your birds! 🙂

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