Reading Clues Like Nancy Drew

By far, without even a close second, my favorite book growing up was Charlotte’s Web. I have E.B. White to thank for adding words like “salutations” and “radiant” to my vocabulary at a very young age! But my favorite series of books was the Nancy Drew mysteries. This teenage sleuth who gathered clues and solved crimes (even if it occasionally meant disobeying her Dad for the greater good) was inspirational to me.

Well, I’m no Nancy, but I have gotten quite proficient at reading the clues of my backyard birds. For example, the Red-bellied Woodpecker couple has been showing up at the feeders, one after another in rapid succession.

First she will come and scoop up as much Bark Butter as she can possibly carry in her beak…

…and then quickly fly back to the nest.

Then, as soon as she departs, he will arrive and do the same.

Also, she is also more easily agitated and aggressive than usual – giving a ruffled feather, open-beaked “greeting” to anyone that gets too close.

Well, these clues can only mean one thing…the babies have been born!

For now, Mom and Dad are still keeping the little ones concealed, but I am hoping that the youngsters will soon decide to disobey their folks (for the greater good, of course!) and follow them to the feeding station to solve “The Case of the Mysteriously Appearing Bark Butter.”

Here’s hoping for baby pictures in the near future!

4 thoughts on “Reading Clues Like Nancy Drew

    1. I hope they bring them to the feeders when I’m around. I’d love to share pictures of them. They are so awkward looking, but still manage to be cute!

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