Another Avian Avenger

My backyard bugs are fighting a losing battle! Especially now that another avian avenger has shown up to wage war against the wasps, gnats, and annoying insects that arrive uninvited.

I’ve already posted about the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, the Eastern Phoebe, and the Summer Tanager , and now, the Great Crested Flycatcher has joined their ranks.

Hubby spotted this new arrival first. He and I were sitting on the back deck eating our cheesy chicken subs when he saw a bird land on an overhead branch. He thought maybe it was a Robin or a Thrasher, but turns out it was this beauty – another bird that I had never photographed before.

He stayed in the treetops, scanning the area for unsuspecting intruders, which made it a bit tricky to get his picture. I guess superheroes sometimes like to stay in the shadows!

One creepy-cool fact about these Flycatchers is that they like to line their nests with snakeskins.

One not-so-cool fact about these birds is that they like to feast on butterflies, and will even try to feed them to their youngsters whole, wings and all. This is something he and I will definitely have to chat about. Then again, perhaps he will end up being butterfly intolerant and there will be no conflict between us.

You wanna know something ironic? My only complaint thus far about our new neighborhood has been the over abundance of gnats and wasps that swarm around when I’m trying to take pictures of birds. But the reality is, these bugs are the bait that bring the very birds whose pictures I am trying to take! Note to self, more gratitude and less grumbling is in order!

9 thoughts on “Another Avian Avenger

  1. That is a very beautiful and cool bird! I’ve never seen one before. I love the one were he’s looking down at something!

  2. Your shots are excellent, Kathy. I bet you that you have red maple trees in your property. They have sweet sap and attracts wasps and gnats that love sweet stuff. Thank you! πŸ™‚

    1. We are slowly learning what trees and flowers we have in the new yard. Hubby has an app that he loves called “Picture This” that helps id them. I’ll have to look for the red maples.

  3. A welcome site to see your new visitor, Kathy! You have a great outlook about the benefits of your pesky, but necessary, insects. As usual, I enjoyed your delightful musings on your backyard!

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