I’m so Happy I have the Blues!

Well, the title tells the truth! I am indeed happy I have the blues!

Now, clearly I’m not delighting over a state of despair, but am rejoicing that two beautiful birds of blue routinely bless me with their presence.

The Eastern Bluebirds have shown up since day one, eagerly welcoming me to my new home as soon as they saw that I came bearing seed.

The male is exceedingly handsome, and is undoubtedly the inspiration for the phrase “the bluebird of happiness.”

The juvenile bluebirds are also a joy to have around (though the Wrens might disagree!) but it is due more to their antics than their appearance. It is fun to watch them discover their world!

Currently, there is a bit of conflict in the Bluebird clan, as Dad is trying to force the uncooperative youngsters into greater independence so that he and Mom can get busy making more babies. In the picture below, he is gathering a food offering to try and woo his mate into sharing his agenda.

The boisterous Blue Jay is the other bird of blue who beautifies the backyard. With his palette ranging from powdered periwinkle to bright summer skies to murky midnight, he just might be my favorite bird to photograph.

I can tell he is getting more comfortable being around me because he’s gone from quickly grabbing one peanut…

…to packing away a pouch-full before flying off.

Bluebirds and Blue Jays – what joy! Now, if I could just add an Indigo Bunting to the mix I’d be elated!

One thought on “I’m so Happy I have the Blues!

  1. Beautiful captures, Kathy! The blue Jay is crazy for the peanuts!. The E. Bluebirds were in my backyard of some days and then realized that their cedar box was gone!, only the pole there. I bought another one and installed where I could see it, of a couple of days they were inspecting it and then they just disappeared. Take care… 🙂

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