A Penchant for Peanuts

The male Red-bellied Woodpecker who frequents my backyard feeders has a definite penchant for peanuts!

As soon as I fill the feed trough (A pine tree branch with the center scooped out, loaded with mixed seed, mealworms, and peanuts) he arrives and claims his portion.

He swoops down, grabs a nut, and flies off to eat it. Then he returns and repeats the process.

The beauty of it is that as he makes trip after trip after trip, I can take picture…

…after picture…

…after picture.

I guess you could say he and I have a picture taking peanut pact!

3 thoughts on “A Penchant for Peanuts

  1. My guy is like that too. I love watching him stand on his stubby little legs while he picks out the perfect peanut each time. Almost all my little birds choose peanuts if they have a choice.

  2. Birds love the peanuts because the content of oil, so are most of the seeds, the proteins are from insects or worms. It’s very important to have a balanced diet when breeding. Great captures, Kathy. 🙂

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