A Preview of Coming Attractions

I was doing a backyard walk-about with the dogs this afternoon, and as the two mutts leisurely meandered (eating all kinds of things they shouldn’t) I stopped to dead-head one of the butterfly bushes. As I was about to pinch off a dead blossom, I was pleasantly surprised to find a Hummingbird Moth enjoying a bit of nectar.

Hubby and I (think more “hubby” than “I”) have been busy beautifying the yard, adding plants and flowers that we hope will lure hummingbirds and butterflies to come and visit. They have been a bit slow to arrive, but this guy is a delightful combination of both.

We’ll consider him a preview of coming attractions!

8 thoughts on “A Preview of Coming Attractions

  1. I see you have fancy moths as well as fancy birds. Much more fancy than over here. Though I did have a tiger moth on my rosemary bush recently.

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