Bottoms Up Bather!

The smaller birds have taken a liking to the top level of the wonder-fall. It is shallow and a bit more secluded, so they seem to feel safer there.

This lovely little Tufted Titmouse showed up yesterday, and once he tested the water…

…and relaxed a little…

…he began to bathe with abandon! He would flap his feathers and wave his wings…

…and then, bottoms up!

Then, he would pause for a moment, make sure the coast was still clear…

…and resume the same feather flapping, wing waving routine…

…followed with another bottoms up, of course!.

I love when their feathers are all fluffy and poofed out!

I think this little bird’s bath was refreshing for both of us!

9 thoughts on “Bottoms Up Bather!

  1. One thing that brought me great joy seeing this post of yours in my reader, Kathy – apart from the beautiful opening image! – is that I was able to identify the little bird as a titmouse even before I read the post! All the beautiful images shared by you and other bird-loving blogging connections in the USA and Canada is certainly expanding my knowledge!

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