A Birthday Blind

I celebrated my 29th birthday last week – well, x2, but who’s counting? Anyway, hubby got me a great gift – a pop up hunting blind! I set it up in the backyard the other day and sat inside, only instead of waiting with rifle in hand, I armed myself with a Canon and was ready to shoot!

My ever-curious companion, Chaco, was the first to investigate the new camouflaged hideout. This girl ALWAYS has to know where I am!

Thankfully, several birds also stopped in, like this chatty Chickadee…

…and this handsome Downy Woodpecker, who scooped up a bit of Bark Butter.

A Pine Warbler, gleaming in his autumn glow, stopped by to pose…

…as did this Red-Bellied Woodpecker, who helped himself to a peanut or two.

A White-breasted Nuthatch made an appearance as well. These little birds are ever the entertainers!

I know some gals probably prefer diamonds or fine dining, but a birthday blind was the perfect gift for me!

10 thoughts on “A Birthday Blind

  1. I admire your relationship with your husband. He knew what would make you happy. And, thanks to his thoughtful gift, we will all benefit and be gifted with your photos taken from this “blind”.

  2. That’s so funny to me because I have a (milestone) birthday coming up and one of the gift ideas I told my husband was also a little hunting blind much like yours to use in our yard for bird photography. I’m not sure I’ll receive one myself but I was very happy to see you received one and I hope you’ll update us on how it is to use. Happy birding!!

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