A Handsome Houdini

“My” Red-bellied Woodpecker put on quite a magic show the other day.

He would swoop in making his grand appearance…

…grab a peanut…

…and then abracadabra, he would vanish into thin air!

A few moments later (much to the delight of this audience) he would reappear for an encore performance.

First the pose..

…then the peanut…

…and then another disappearing act.

He only seemed to know this one trick, but he did it at least a dozen times!

This handsome Houdini is one talented fellow!

9 thoughts on “A Handsome Houdini

  1. Kathy, the exquisite deep attention you pay to your Houdini feels like the definition of love itself. Thank you! 🙏

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