Thirty-Bird Challenge: The First is Fitting

Today is the official start of the totally made up Thirty-Bird Challenge – where I’m hoping to post pictures of thirty different birds that I see during the month of April.

It only seems fitting for bird number one to be the Brown Thrasher, which is the state bird here in Georgia.

These bronzed beauties always seem to have a rather sinister look with their curved beaks and their golden-glared stare.

I guess appearances can be deceiving though, as my Thrashers are more timid than intimidating. They tend to stay in the front yard area, sifting through leaf litter and minding their own business, unless they want to venture to the backyard for a quick bite to eat. Peanuts and Bark Butter are their food of choice.

So…that’s one down, and twenty nine to go!

9 thoughts on “Thirty-Bird Challenge: The First is Fitting

  1. Brown Thrashers are so cool. The first time I noticed them was about 3 or 4 years ago while I was in Alabama. A pair of them were chasing each other around our lot. They were singing a lot too. I didn’t know what they were, but took video and put it out there and lots of people told me. Now when I’m down there I see them all the time. I don’t know if they are up here in Michigan, I don’t think so.

  2. I love your 30-bird challenge. I am a watercolorist and have also set a goal for myself to paint all the state birds. I’m going in alpha order by state, and I’ve already done the brown thrasher. Next up is the nene (Hawaiian goose).

  3. Is there any significant reason why it would be chosen as the “State Bird” of Georgia, Kathy? It is an attractive bird for sure, but doesn’t appear particularly heraldic?

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