A Delightful Duo

A delightful little duo of Finches are the 4th and 5th birds to make the list for the April Thirty-Bird Challenge.

Let’s start with the yellow fellows!

The male Goldfinches have been flitting (and flirting!) about the backyard! They are no longer dressed in their drab winter colors; now they are sporting their bright, eye-catching, “don’t-you-want-to-mate-with-me” feathers.

These birds have the softest, sweetest, sing-songy voices. It’s hard to imagine anyone not loving them – unless of course you’re a gardener who prefers your zinnias to have petals!

The male House Finches are also looking mighty handsome, with head and breast feathers that look like they’ve been dipped in a mixed red wine.

Both of these finches are adding lovely pops of color to the backyard!

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