Thirty-Bird Challenge: Another Name-Sayer

The Eastern Towhee (#25 on the list) is another one of those birds whose call sounds like it is announcing its name – a quick, low pitched “tow”, followed by a higher pitched, drawn out “heeeee”!

My Towhees typically stay in the front yard, hopping in an out of the shrubs, but occasionally they pop around back to grab some dropped seed off the ground.

I think these birds are so beautiful! Maybe one day I will have a Towhee fly up on a branch and strike a pretty pose for a picture; but until then, check out this post by my blogging buddy Dawn – she got a great shot!

9 thoughts on “Thirty-Bird Challenge: Another Name-Sayer

  1. Pretty bird. I don’t recall seeing one before in Kansas, although Audubon tells me they migrate through here. Maybe someday!

  2. Such a delight! I once was surprised by a Towee who popped out unexpectedly through the bushes along a trail. He stood out in the open, on a little branch right at eye level, singing his heart out.

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