Thirty-Bird Challenge: Water Wings

I do not have a lake in my yard (which is probably a good thing with the two labra-mutts!), but I do have plenty of nearby parks that have lakes. And, since I thought it would be a shame if no waterfowl made the list, I paid a visit to one of those parks the other day.

There honestly wasn’t a ton of activity, but I did see a Canada Goose (#22) – a bird that has a reputation for being a little mean and a lot messy!

I also saw, at least for a moment, a Pied-billed Grebe (#23) peacefully drifting along. These birds often disappear beneath the surface of the water, and then reappear halfway across the lake!

And last, but not least, there were a couple of Mallard males (#24) floating about.

I love ducks! If you stick around long enough, you are sure to be treated to some tail tipping…

…and some wing flapping!

There were also turtles galore, but alas, they don’t count in the Thirty-Bird Challenge.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to finish the challenge in my own backyard, but if not, I’ll head off on another lake outing!

3 thoughts on “Thirty-Bird Challenge: Water Wings

  1. It must be said that even so Canada geese are very elegant birds in their tuxedo bib n’ tuckers & make a handsome image. It’s always a thrill to see a flock of them overhead or sailing along on the French Broad River. I like ducks too. They are fun to watch with their antics ducking & bobbing, flapping & scooting along the surface. Look at that one eyeing the sky (for an osprey or another incoming duck?) Do the labs get to go in the lakes?

    1. I must concede that they are indeed elegant. The Labs love whenever we can get them to a lake, though they’re not quite as energetic as they were when they were pups.

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