Pretty Petal Picker

The Goldfinches are loving our Zinnias!

I already gave the female finch a chance to shine in a previous post – and was honored to have fellow blogger Snehal Kank turn her photo into a beautiful painting – do check out this artists work!  I am in awe of people who can draw and paint.

Today, the male Goldfinch gets his turn in the limelight…although every ounce of the word nerd in me thinks we should say lemonlight in his case!


This fellow first landed on a bud that hadn’t yet blossomed – then looked around and quickly relocated to a flower offering a more plentiful seed supply.

finch2 finch3

It’s always fascinating to see them pick off the petals to gain easier access to the seeds. You can almost hear him saying, “She loves me, she loves me not…”

finch4 finch5

I know it doesn’t sound very masculine, but isn’t he a pretty bird!  When the sunlight hits his golden feathers he truly gleams.


Have you noticed in the sequence of pictures how little by little the pink petals are disappearing?


By the time I got ready to head inside, the Zinnia had seen its better days.  On the other hand, my day was made better by watching the whole petal picking process!

24 thoughts on “Pretty Petal Picker

  1. Kathy you have wonderfully captured his petal picking sequence! I like that “She loves me, she loves me not…” 😆Your photos are a treasure for us 🎨😍Contrast, compostion everthing is just perfect for painting! Thank you so much for mention freind 💕

    1. It seriously took him five, maybe ten, minutes. I loved watching him and was surprised he didn’t fly away since he was very aware of my presence.

  2. I grow these zinnias every year and watch the goldfinches work them over. The butterflies and bees love the zinnias, too. They really draw in the wildlife.

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