Feasting Finches

My front yard has been a flurry of finches lately.  These sweet little songbirds are constantly feeding on the Sunflowers that pop up during the summer months.


Now, I know that I already devoted a previous post to the fine art of eating sunflower seeds, but these yellow fellows are too plentiful (and too beautiful) to ignore.  So here, without the rhyme this time, are some more pictures of feasting finches!




When I took these pictures yesterday evening, there were even more goldfinches in the garden than usual.  I think it’s because there was a bit of rumbling and sky darkening going on, and finches tend to be stress eaters…so when there is the threat of a storm, they start eating more earnestly!




And here’s one last photo that seemed fitting for the tail end of this post.


I hope you have a beauty-filled week. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Feasting Finches

  1. Kathy, I love the harmonious blend of colour – bird with flower, and the lovely light in your photos, it is quite special. The pattern on the finches back is beautiful also. Great captures!

  2. Wonderful shots of the finches. I have grown a few sunflowers this year, but have seen no sign of the finches trying the seeds. I will be patient and hope!

  3. Love the cheery yellow
    of finches! I see them in my yard but I never see them like you photograph them! I especially like the ones you took of their tail feathers from their backside. I didn’t realize they had a pattern in their feathers until now. 😊

  4. You can never post too many goldfinch photos! They are so cheerful, you can’t be down when they are brightening things up right outside the window!

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