Mystery Of The Weird Waxwings

My Waxwings were acting weird today.

They had stationed themselves on branches throughout the yard; most of them perched alone rather than in their usual clusters.  As I watched them, they kept quickly turning their heads, first one way and then the other.

Let me show you what I mean.



This fellow was doing the same thing.



As was this Waxwing, who was in a sunnier spot in the center of the yard.

waxwing 5


I wish they had chosen branches with less clutter in the background, but they didn’t ask my opinion on where to perch.

Every once in awhile, they would share some secret signal (one that I am not privy to since I have not yet been inducted into the Secret Order of the Waxwings) and then swoop down to the water dish for a drink.


After a quick dip of the beak, they would fly right back up to their branches and resume their head turning behavior.



I finally figured out what was going on.  They were catching insects that were abuzz in the backyard. Now, I’m no Nancy Drew, but I am glad that the mystery of the weird Waxwings has been solved!




10 thoughts on “Mystery Of The Weird Waxwings

  1. You must be good at code breaking, the secret service needs you! Wonder if the waxwings middle name is Flycatcher? They are such pretty birds and have a real cool look about them! Good photos!

    1. It wasn’t til I zoomed in with my lens that I could see them snapping at things in the air with their beaks. You’re right, they were acting a lot like flycatchers. 🙂

  2. Too pretty for words! I must say the ending surprised me, I was thinking that maybe they had identified a predator lurking somewhere around, and that’s why they were “nervously” looking around.

    1. t was strange to see them so separated from each other since they usually hang out in a group. Plus, I guess I am so used to them gobbling up berries in a mass frenzy that I forgot that they might eat insects too. 🙂

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