I saw the most lovely sight when I walked out my front door this morning.  The sun was highlighting the petals of the Daffodils in my side yard.  They looked so delightful (and don’t you agree that Delightfodils would be a better name for them?) that I had no choice but to pick up my camera and plop down in the grass to take their picture.



I know some people prefer their photos to be free of shadows, but I think their presence adds a touch of genuineness.  After all, life certainly has it’s fair share of shadows mixed in with the sunshine; yet God seems to know the perfect combination to create depth and beauty.



Ah…beautiful flowers…and a beautiful promise that spring has arrived a few days ahead of schedule.  I, for one, am never sad to say goodbye to winter.



6 thoughts on ““Delightfodils”

  1. How exciting that must have been for you! I love the sight of daffodils. It tells me winter is coming to an end. Mine haven’t blossomed yet. But I shall enjoy yours until mine come through.❀

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