From Flapping To Flirting

The pyrotechnic star of yesterday’s post was quick to go from flapping about in the birdbath to flirting with the female Cowbird.  I have to admit, I was half rooting for him and half rolling my eyes at his over-the-top antics.

He followed the object of his affection around from branch to branch, doing his best to woo her.  First he would sing her a song…


and then he would puff himself up in an impressive display of fluffy feathers and almost do a little dance as he shuffled towards her.


She was either uninterested, or doing a great job at playing hard to get, as each time he performed his little repertoire, she merely moved to another branch and turned away.


I have to say, between the flapping and the flirting, I developed a bit of a soft spot for this fellow, so I’m hoping she’ll come around.  Either way, he provided the perfect entertainment for my evening.

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