A Backlit Bather

Just before sunset, a male Brown-headed Cowbird stopped by for a bath. Sprays of water exploded in the sunlight as he boisterously splashed about.  I felt like I was being treated to my own personal fireworks display.




Every good show has a finale; here’s what his looked like.


He resurfaced long enough to enjoy his self-made shower, and then off he flew.


cowbird7And all I could say was, “Encore!  Encore!”

11 thoughts on “A Backlit Bather

  1. Wow, fireworks! 🙂 You have such wonderful photos, I have to ask: What type of camera do you use, and at what shutter speed for something like this? And do you usually use a tripod for your bird photos? (if not, you must have a VERY steady hand, LOL)

    1. I use (and love) a Canon SX50HS for my bird photos. It is honestly a power shot on steroids! It is easy to carry and has great zoom. I fluctuate between AV, TV, and Manual modes – for most of these pictures, the shutter speed was at 1/200 sec. The bright light through the water made for the fireworks.
      I don’t (yet) own a tripod. I take a monopod if I am trying to get a waterfall or something like that, but for birds, I move around too much (and so do they!) to set up a tripod.
      Thanks for the kind words and the interest. 🙂

  2. I have a bird bath but it does not get much use even though the bird feeder does well. I’m wondering if it could be too close to the house? I have a very small backyard… any advice?

  3. You know, some of mine are pretty close to the house, but they are also close to branches or bushes. I think the birds like knowing they have a place of escape. As long as I keep the water fresh, they seem to keep coming.

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