The Watcher In The Window

Sometimes it seems like everything happens at once.

Like this morning.  I was replying to a text from my daughter when the house phone rang.  (I know.  Who has those anymore, right?)  Then, just as I was saying hello, I happened to glance out the window and saw a hawk perched on a Dogwood branch, partially obscured by clusters of leaves.  I knew I couldn’t just hang up and rush outside, so I did the old “hold the phone to my ear with my shoulder” routine while I grabbed my camera and crawled down onto the kitchen floor to try and get at a better picture taking angle.

I was excited to see that today’s guest was a Cooper’s Hawk.
The scruffy part of his bottom breast feathers is where he is tucking one of his feet in.  It was rather brisk here this morning!



At one point, he looked right at me.  I’m pretty sure he was thinking – “What is that crazy lady doing on the kitchen floor with her phone and her camera?”


Seconds later, he spread his wings and I thought for sure he was going to get the squirrel that was sitting one branch over, oblivious to the danger.  I even tried sending telepathic thoughts to the hawk  – “Get the squirrel…nice juicy squirrel…eat more skwerl…”


Instead, he flew down and landed on the rocks by our backyard fountain.


I quickly shifted my mental messages to “Get in the water…splash around…”  But once again, he ignored me.  Clearly this Cooper was non-clairvoyant.


He stood there for a brief moment and then flew off to another yard, probably warning his friends to stay away from the “the watcher in the window.”


Well, he may have thought I was weird, but I thought he was wonderful!










20 thoughts on “The Watcher In The Window

  1. Enjoyed your post Kathy, great pics! You caught the gleam in the hawks eye well. I love raptors, and it was lovely to be introduced to a Coopers hawk, thanks.

  2. Great job! I was laughing out loud, especially during the part about “eat more skwerel…” LOLOL Amazing photos for someone who was multi-tasking!! Stunning!

  3. Oh my… he is stunning! There are few birds of prey in our suburban neighborhoods but whenever I see one I feel so privileged; they are all so fierce and noble, or at least that’s the impression I always get. 🙂

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