The word “brilliant” has been forever altered for me by the Guinness beer commercials; I simply must say it with an Irish accent!  Never-the-less, “brilliant” is the word that came to mind when I looked out my kitchen window this afternoon and saw this male Indigo Bunting perched on a feeder.



This fellow summers here in Georgia, but rarely seems to show up in my backyard.  I am hoping he decides to stick around and that I’ll be able to get some pictures of him that are not taken through glass before the season’s end.

Until then…here are a couple more photos.



He is ‘brilliant” – don’t you agree?  Go ahead…say it out loud with your best Irish accent!


6 thoughts on ““Brilliant!”

  1. Blue…. my favorite color in clothing, flowers, and birds! Thanks so much. 🙂 (and come to think of it, hmm, if I had to choose an all-time favorite band it would absolutely be the Moody Blues… seriously.)

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