My Favorite Migrator

I was getting worried…mildly panicked…okay, slightly distraught. The days of April were disappearing and still no sign of my favorite migrator.  Then, at last, he showed up in all his glory – the Rose-breasted Grosbeak.


Not only that, but he brought two friends with him.  Another male…


…and a female.


I love these birds!  When they first arrive they are a bit shy, but before long they seem to be at ease with my presence.  I think they are smart enough to figure out that I am the one who keep refilling the seed they are gobbling up!


When I am standing out there taking pictures, I think they watch me as much as I am watching them.


At times, the two males have gotten a bit territorial or possessive of the food…


…but mostly they have been quite amiable, even sharing the same branch.  Perhaps they are really just keeping a close eye on one another, each making sure the other isn’t sneaking off alone with the female!


And speaking of the female, she is just too lovely to not include another picture.  I’d say she’s worth a few squabbles!


The Rose-breasted Grosbeak is another one of those birds that simply makes me marvel at what a great artist God must be.



They only stick around for a few days (just long enough for me to get attached!) and then continue on their journey, well-fed and much-loved.




24 thoughts on “My Favorite Migrator

    1. I truly get so excited when someone takes one of my pictures and turns it into artwork. It blesses me immensely. I just had a friend share a painting she did of a picture I took of a Titmouse, and I’m still smiling about it! 🙂

  1. I was excited because I had the first one arrive here yesterday!!! I couldn’t grab my camera fast enough and I was doing the happy dance!! 🙂 I love them so much, they are so gorgeous!

  2. Such sharp, beautiful photos, Kathy!
    I would love to paint a picture of one of your grosbeaks. Would that be all right? The grosbeak around my house is too shy to let me near him for pictures!

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