Consider The Lilies Of The Field

Usually I “look at the birds of the air,”  but since the flowers in my yard are blooming beautifully, today we’ll “consider the lilies of the field.”  I have to confess,  I know very little about flower names; I tend to call them “the pretty purple flower” or the “bright yellow flower.”  My hubby is the one with the greater gardening expertise.  I guess you could say we are a “Birds and Blooms” kind of couple.

Here are ten flowers that currently make me oooh and aaah.  I have a feeling more will be making an appearance in the days ahead.










Surely “Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are.” (Matthew6:29)

16 thoughts on “Consider The Lilies Of The Field

    1. The neighbors probably think I am a tad crazy when they see me lying in the grass twisting my body into crazy yoga positions to get a better shot. 🙂

  1. Kathy, please ask hubby if #4 – the red stickly looking one is Bee Balm. Thanks!

  2. Positively gorgeous!! What a delight! I can see why you are oohing and ahhing! We put in coneflower and black-eyed Suzan’s that I am anxiously awaiting to flower. Unfortunately, the bunnies seem to have a taste for black-eyed Suzan’s and keep nibbling them away, despite hubby spraying them with some form of repellant. 🙂

    These are all stunning close-ups. I especially admire the first one from behind.

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