Ruffled Feathers

I looked in the front yard this morning, and saw this Brown Thrasher perched on the bird feeder hook.  He was busy snaring bugs for breakfast, so I got busy snapping his picture for this post!

First he looked right; then he looked left; then he lunged to capture some tiny insect that was invisible to me, but that he could clearly see.




As we both tended to our given tasks, a sweet summer breeze blew through the air.  It disheveled his appearance a bit, but in no way distracted him from pursuing his morning meal.




I guess you could say the breeze that ruffled his feathers, didn’t ruffle his feathers in the least!

Once the air had stilled, he took a moment to fix his feathers.  Then he went back to catching bugs and I continued taking pictures.


17 thoughts on “Ruffled Feathers

  1. What a beauty, Kathy! I’ve never seen this one. Love how he looks when the breeze ruffled his feathers! Such a cutie!

        1. I have several that are regulars! We have a HUGE Holly tree in the front yard that we call the Hollywood Hotel because it is home to so many birds. There’s no telling how many birds would fly out if we shook it hard enough!

    1. I love watching these birds. Their curved beaks and yellow eyes give them that perpetual scowl look, but they are really quite personable. 🙂

  2. OK! I agree with Jodi and Laura! The photo of ruffled feathers are AWESOME! Love this bird’s markings. I saw a mother Robin feeding its speckled baby today. Wish I’d had my camera! Yet, I just watched and enjoyed the moment. Always enjoy your photos, Kathy! 😊

  3. Wonderful pictures as always, Kathy. I posted one of these on my daily photo site yesterday, but you got a better picture. Nice of him to pose so perfectly.

  4. He has quite the piercing glare – I can picture him right at home in a Fortune 500 boardroom, making some hapless accountant squirm (like a worm?) while trying to explain the previous month’s sales figures, LOL

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