An Illustrated Guide To Sunflower Seed Eating

There’s an art to eating  sunflower seeds –
just any old way won’t do.
If you want to be certain you’re eating them right
sit back, I’ll explain it to you.

First you must locate a garden –
for that’s where these flowers are found.
Then perch yourself on a sturdy stem
and begin to look around.



Then once you have chosen a flavorful flower –
assume the proper position.
Not head over heels, but heels over head
to pluck out the seeds with precision.



But what do you do once you have the seed,
safe and secure in your beak?
You flip right-side-up, steady yourself,
and hold the seed with your feet.



Then repeat this process again and again –
it’s not hard to understand.



There’s an art to eating sunflower seeds:
Use your feet and not your hands!


26 thoughts on “An Illustrated Guide To Sunflower Seed Eating

  1. You are hilarious, Kathy! What a terrific poem and photos. I love the one where it looks like he has lizard eyes, rolling to the top of his head! 😀 Wonderful. Happy Weekend to you! And Happy Fourth!

    1. Thanks Laura. I hadn’t planned on writing a silly poem, but when the rhymes start flowing there’s not much I can do to stop them! 🙂

  2. Love your beautifully illustrated story, especially the ‘heels over head’ line:-) You could make a short children’s book with this as it is, very well presented, thanks Kathy!

  3. Great pics! He seems to love eating! Lol! American Gold finches are my favourite! I got a yellow bird feeder which they seem to be really attracted to. My favourite part of the day is seeing a couple at the feeder while I sip my coffee in the morning!

    1. Well…you should bring your coffee to my front yard! It is full of these sweet little birds right now. They LOVE munching on the sunflowers. And they really are quite entertaining to watch. 🙂

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