A Tale Of Two Woodpeckers

Two juvenile woodpeckers, of the Red-bellied variety, arrived in the backyard today.  They were old enough to be chaperone free, but young enough to still display a comical lack of coordination.

The first landed (more like collided) on the side of the Dogwood, hugged the tree for a moment, and then ventured a look about.



Spying the peanut feeder, he few over to investigate this fabulous food source.


The second bird seemed a bit younger, but no less inquisitive.  He gripped the deck rail awkwardly and watched his counterpart pecking at the peanuts.



Then he flew to the side of the Oak and waited for an opportune moment to take over this coveted territory for himself.




Within a matter of moments, he swooped over and tackled his rival, and they both went tumbling away in a tangle of wings.

Now that they have discovered this land of plenty, I am certain they will be back.  And before long, they will be boasting their bold colors (like the adult male below) and navigating the backyard feeders like a pro.



20 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Woodpeckers

  1. Funny how awkward the babies are! We have a couple of annoying adult woodpeckers at the lake that are pecking into metal. I got up early one morning to “talk” to it. It flew away but as soon as I climbed back into bed, it started again! LOL! 😊

    1. Funny you should use that adjective – we actually call the baby red-bellied’s “Awkwards”. You will hear someone in the house yell, “Mom! There’s an Awkward on the feeder!”

  2. Adorable captures! I’ve been seeing some young red-bellies here, too. Matter-of-fact yesterday I heard the tell-tale squeak/squaw of a bird demanding to be fed and glanced out my window to see a young yellow-bellied being fed by its mother. I grabbed my camera but the baby ducked down farther on the stump so that he/she could no longer be seen, except the beak sticking up when the mother put the food in. A special moment, even if I didn’t get successful photos!

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