Dragonflies and a Fiery Skipper

As I was getting ready to head out for a walk this evening, I saw this dragonfly just begging to have his picture taken.  They are such cool looking creatures.



Then, after I had walked a ways, I saw this Fiery Skipper (what a feisty name!) sipping at a Coneflower.

Fiery Skipper

And what should I encounter upon returning home, but another dragonfly, more than happy to pose while I snapped a few photos.  I think this one looks a bit on the alien side.



I am learning to always carry my camera; you never know who might show up along the way!

7 thoughts on “Dragonflies and a Fiery Skipper

  1. WOWZA! Love your dragonfly photos! I saw a black and white one on the lake today. I think it is like your first photo. 😊

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