Mr. and Mrs. Molting

Many of my backyard Cardinals are looking less than stellar these days. They are in the midst of molting – getting rid of their damaged feathers and replacing them with healthy new ones. The process isn’t pretty, but the end result is worth it.



I guess it’s kind of like the work that God does in my own life – a sort of “inner molting” where He takes what is broken and damaged and replaces it with what is new and healthy. And just like the Cardinals, the process sure ain’t pretty, but it’s worth it!

9 thoughts on “Mr. and Mrs. Molting

  1. I have noticed the molting Cardinals around my house but never made an analogy out of it, which is surprising! My family is used to my weird but usually applicable analogies… I love yours, it is so true!

  2. The second one still looks cute. He or she is kind of a punk. 😉 Hope you and the birds are through with molting soon. And then you´ll rise like Phoenix from the ashes and be prettier and stronger than ever before!!! 💕 Love your pictures, they are always really interesting!!!

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