A Fritillary Feast

Butterflies are abounding in my neighborhood right now!

Yesterday, the Tiger Swallowtail was the center of attention; today, the Gulf Fritillary stole the show.


I went on a walk with my daughter this afternoon (who happened to turn 19 today!) and we saw several of these orange beauties flying around.Β  When they are fluttering from one flower to the next, they look like a blur of orange, but when I manage to capture them in a photo, I am amazed at their intricate patterns.

I thought about only sharing a couple of pictures, but I figure one can never see enough beauty, right?Β  So, I present to you, a Fritillary feast!







Hope you have a blessed week!



9 thoughts on “A Fritillary Feast

  1. Beautiful! That feast was delicious! Hahaha, I usually don’t like when people post a lot of the same type of picture, but these were so great that I was glad that you did! I want to go photograph butterflies now! πŸ™‚

  2. More Lantana adding color to your captures of butterflies, awesome! Glad to hear your neighbors don’t mind you amongst their plants, I’d stalk that Lantana plant often too. πŸ™‚

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