One Cute Criminal

I’m pretty sure I caught this little thief by surprise when he landed on the deck rail, ready to steal some seed.


Once he realized I wasn’t going to shoo him away, he stretched out like a slinky and lounged in the seed tray while I stood and smiled as he munched to his little heart’s content.


It really should be a crime to be so cute!

11 thoughts on “One Cute Criminal

  1. They really are cute if you concentrate on their cute factor and not on the damage they can do. My daughter has never recovered from the loss of their AC to one of these little munchers.

  2. Cute Chipmunk! We used to see these all the time at the lake but rarely see them now – the Squirrels took over! Like your shot of the chipmunk munching on the seeds. πŸ™‚

  3. I confess that I’ve had a soft spot for chipmunks ever since my long-ago introduction to Chip’n’Dale! Then again, I’ve never had to deal with their depredations either, lol

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