An Ode To “Draw A Bird Day”

Somewhere along the way, in the world of WordPress, the 8th of every month has been dubbed “Draw a Bird” day.  And two of my blogging buddies – Laura (Create Art Everyday) and Jodi (Life In Between) – do check out their very creative sites – have urged me to join in.  So here’s my attempt at participating.


An Ode to “Draw A Bird Day”

“Use pens!  Use paints!  It’s fun!” they said, “Come on and draw a bird.”
But I will bend the rules a bit and draw one with my words.

“But which to draw?”  I ask myself – for the choice is rather hard
when there are so many lovely birds that show up in my yard.

And so I step outside and say, “I’ll draw the first I find.”
And in he swoops, a woodpecker, of the Red-bellied kind.


With feathers white and speckled gray that decorate his chest,
and just a hint of rusty red that’s blushed across his breast.


And oh, the beak, a sharpened blade, a sword to rival none;
a pointed probe that spears its food and boasts of battles won.


Then bold, and yet still whimsical, the pattern on his back,
is like a simple checkerboard with squares of white and black.


But what stands out the most must be his crimson colored mane
that streaks across his head and neck, a blazing feathered flame.


And so I used not pen nor paints, for my palette is my words;
but still I hope I passed the test to simply “draw a bird.”





21 thoughts on “An Ode To “Draw A Bird Day”

  1. Kathy!! So wonderful!! I’m gonna show your poem to Hub. We used to write poems to each other many moons ago and we both love birds. I know he’ll love it! This is wonderful!! And your photos are a wonderful part of the package too!! 💛💛💛

  2. That is a brilliant poem Kathy, and so well illustrated, you could make a Childrens book easily with that as it is, it is worth considering, you could even make a series of books:-)

  3. Wow, that was amazing! And you had the perfect pictures to compliment your wonderful poem. I’m definitely impressed. 🙂

  4. Oh Kathy!!!!! You painted a beautiful bird with your words and photos! SO creative! I LOVE it! Such great shots you got, and such sweet, lovely words! I wish you could see the big smile on my face! 🙂

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