The Bird Fairy

Everyone’s heard of the Tooth Fairy.
And most folks know about Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather – the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty.
But did you know there is a Bird Fairy?

Don’t feel bad if this comes as a surprise to you…I didn’t know about it until just today.

You see, when I got home from the Ellijay Apple Festival this afternoon, there was a brand new, hand-made birdhouse waiting on my deck.  Had to be the Bird Fairy, right?


Then, when I went outside to get a better look, I saw a new feeder made of boards and branches sitting in my backyard, already loaded up with seed.  How cool is that?

The Chickadees have quickly taken a liking to it…


…as have the Carolina Wrens.


I’m pretty sure this fairy’s name was Terry; which ironically, is my Dad’s name too.

Anyway, this was a sweet surprise, and although I haven’t had time to take many pictures yet, I know it will be a popular photo spot, so stay tuned!

And thanks Dad, I mean, Bird Fairy!

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    1. I am just outside of Atlanta, and in spite of living in the suburbs, I have a nice variety of bird visitors that show up! (The dozen or so feeders that I have out probably don’t hurt!)

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