Trunk or Treat

This Halloween I decided to do “Trunk or Treat” birdnerd style!

I filled the bottom portion of a pumpkin with an assortment of goodies and then set it on a tree stump (hence the “trunk” part of the title) and waited to see who would show up.

Several caped crusaders stopped by…



A goblin or two made an appearance…


and a couple of grayish ghosts flew in.



Most of the visitors were polite and adhered to the honor code of not over-indulging; all except a gang of brown bandits who discovered the stash and greedily gobbled seed til their pouches were packed.




I’m pretty sure this fellow decided that the treats at my house were “finger lickin’ good.”.


And I’m pretty sure I have officially started a new Halloween tradition!

20 thoughts on “Trunk or Treat

  1. Wonderful idea. That last shot of Mr Chippy makes it seem that he is so stuffed full of goodies, he’s gagging (tongue out).

  2. That’s a great new Halloween tradition! I had to smile at the little “non-bird” who also came to enjoy the treats chipmunk style 🙂

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