Lighthearted Limericks – Blue Jay (#2)

Once I start to think in rhyme, it’s hard to stop the Seussian stream of words from floating around in my head; so, despite the fact that they’ve already starred in a previous limerick, here’s another lighthearted verse featuring the Blue Jays that have been constant fixtures in my backyard lately.

The Blue Jay, I cannot deny,
is a nut-loving gluttonous guy!



He loads up his beak
his pouch and his cheek

bluejay3 bluejay4
It’s a wonder he’s able to fly! 


Despite his greedy demeanor, it’s hard not to love him – he really can be quite the charmer!



16 thoughts on “Lighthearted Limericks – Blue Jay (#2)

  1. Love the poem Kathy and I wish we had these beautiful birds in Australia I am captivated by their stunning colour and cheeky character by the looks of your beautiful photo’s.

  2. Jays are such greedy little buggers! I love watching them in our yard. Beautiful captures.

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