I’m Not Usually Prejudiced, But…

I’m not usually prejudiced, but when it comes to rodents, I am definitely guilty of discrimination!

Without fail, this gray squirrel shows up and I’m like, “Get out of my backyard!  You’re not welcome here!”


But then this little chipmunk shows up after hiding away for the winter months and I hear words like, “You’re so cute.  Welcome back!” coming out of my mouth.


The squirrel steals the bird food and I want to reach for the Red Rider; but this fellow stretches out in the seed tray and I stand and watch him feast away.


At least he has good grooming and hygiene habits.


I love when he turns around and gives me his guilty expression, although clearly his guilt does not deter his thievery!

chipmunk5 chipmunk6

So, while I celebrate racial diversity (And I truly do…I mean hey…my pastor is a dude with dreads!) I am dead-set against rodent diversity in my backyard!

19 thoughts on “I’m Not Usually Prejudiced, But…

  1. I used to like chippies, but now I dislike them more than I dislike squirrels because 1) they are far noisier than squirrels (and the duration of their chipping is legendary), and 2) they steal all our blueberries…plus they pull off the green ones and drop them to the ground uneaten, ensuring that nobody else can have any. I was so thrilled when a copperhead positioned itself under one of our blueberry bushes one year and became our guard snake! 😀

    I still think they, and squirrels, are cute, but I chase them away regardless. LOL!

  2. Thanks goodness, no chipmunks here, cute or otherwise. The squirrel, however, is gluttonous and was emptying my feeder this morning. He can’t get the squirrel-proof one, but anything else is breakfast, lunch and dinner until it’s all gone.

  3. Yes we have to draw the line somewhere Kathy, as some creatures unbalance the order for other creatures. This was especially noticeable in Britain. I noticed how the Grey Squirrel had over run the country to the extent that the native Red Squirrel is now threatened with future extinction, and is now only found in any number in the Scottish Highlands away from the cities.

  4. I love chipmunks too! 💕💖 They are so cute! Squirrels are pests and like to drop large green pine cones on your trailer early in the morning… You can see I struggle with rodent diversity too! Lol! 😉

  5. I busted a laugh, Kathy! One of my next posts was going to be all the squirrels I’ve got running around and how cute they pose. But I hear you with your backyard! And you can’t help but smile on the adorable chipmunks. They really are! 🙂

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