A Little Sadness And A Lot Of Sweetness

Okay…let’s get the sadness out of the way first.
My Bluebird family of four has become a family of three as one of the babies seems to have met with a less than fortunate fate.  I know it happens, but I still get sad when one stops showing up.

The sweetness is that the remaining youngster is an absolute hoot to watch.
His parents clearly tell him to stay on the branch…


…which means that he will clearly ignore them and follow them to the feeders.


Most of the time he sits perched with his beak wide open, waiting to be fed.


Mom brings him a steady stream of mealworms…

bluebird4 bluebird5

…and so does Dad.

bluebird6 bluebird7 bluebird8

I had to laugh as I was watching this young fellow.  A Robin landed on the branch, sending Mom and Dad flying to shelter; but this little bird brain strutted toward the Robin with his beak open, expecting to be fed.



Instead, the Robin flapped him off the edge of the rail onto the deck below, leaving Junior wearing a “What in the world was that all about?” expression on his face.


There’s no denying that I have fallen head over heels for this sweetheart.  I keep telling myself not to get attached; but alas, it’s too late.  But really, who could resist such a cutie?


33 thoughts on “A Little Sadness And A Lot Of Sweetness

  1. So sorry about the little birdie. Nature can be so hard at times. The robin story is cute. I know some birds lay their eggs in the nests of other birds and let them do the childcare. I guess Mr. Robin is not having it. LOL

  2. again amazed at the amazing shots you capture and such a lovely little story (except for the loss 😦 ) Great post Kath!

  3. Such an endearing photoseries, Kathy!

    Luckily there’s a ready food supply “on tap”, otherwise poor mom and dad would struggle to feed this little glutton!

    1. I make a clicking sound when I fill the feeders (I know, that’s weird!) and the Bluebirds have gotten so they fly right away to grab the mealworms for Junior!

  4. That is sad Kathy but reality in nature. I do everything to guard any fledglings in our yard but the predators are always so cunning. What are your main terrors?

    1. Hawks, cats, and bigger birds. And honestly, I think the little Bluebird that didn’t make it was sick. I noticed that he hardly ever opened his eyes. 😦

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