Another Backyard Baby

Booger‘s not the only baby in the backyard these days.
Oh, his cute little self is still hanging around begging and binge eating mealworms.

booger1 booger2 booger3

But other youngsters have started visiting the feeders too – like this Red-bellied Woodpecker, who as of yet has no red to show!  I wonder if he is the son of Blush Belly.


After landing on the branch, this fellow started eyeing the Bark Batter spread that I had jammed into a crevice.


He inched over and tasted it…


…decided he liked it…


…and then came back for seconds. Ah, the joy of discovery!


I’m pretty sure he would have stayed all day if a Catbird hadn’t swooped in and commandeered the area.


I have also seen young Thrashers, Chickadees, and Towhees in the backyard this week, but they haven’t yet cooperated with my camera!  Maybe soon!

13 thoughts on “Another Backyard Baby

  1. Awww I’ve never seen a baby woodpecker of the red-bellied variety, Kathy! Love it! He’s way less intimidating with his gray little head and subdued markings; so sweet! And more priceless bluebird photos. Thank you!

    1. When I was downloading the pictures, I kept thinking that it looked like I had done some sort of photoshop trick and turned this fellow monochrome.

  2. How sweet! You take such good care of them! 🙂 We have some purple finches visiting this morning. Do they come to your backyard?

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