If bees could get tipsy from feasting on flowers, then the ones who have been flying about my front yard should be quite pollenebriated by now!



As I watched these cool creatures flying from flower to flower (praying I wouldn’t get stung!) I found myself thinking that “busy as a bee” is certainly an apt description!



I did find out through the wonders of Google that these guys need to eat a lot!  One quote said that, “A bumble bee with a full stomach is ever only forty minutes from starvation.”
(A Sting in the Tale by Dave Goulson)   Their metabolism is about 75% higher than a Hummingbird’s!


Don’t you love the stain-glassed wing look in the picture below?


Anyway, after carefully watching these bees for days, I have come to the conclusion that they must have built up a quite a tolerance to pollen partaking as they don’t seem the least bit intoxicated – these guys merely seem buzzed!

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  1. Lovely photos – as always – Kathy! And I love the new word you’ve taught me – next time I’m suffering from hayfever I’ll call in sick with “pollenebriation”!

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