Red Alert

Look who is still hanging around!  My Red-headed Woodpecker showed up yesterday and landed on the Bark Butter branch.  He seemed bit more alert and on edge than usual, glancing about several times before heading over to the food.

redhead1 redhead2

He eventually started to eat, but was quick to flash an open-beaked glare at any other birds that got too close.  In fact, before landing on the branch he had already chased away a Red-bellied Woodpecker and a young Hairy Woodpecker.

redhead3 redhead4

Hmmm…extra alert and extra aggressive…sure enough…perched in the treetop at the edge of the yard was the baby he brought with him.  I hope this little guy comes closer one day soon so I can get a better picture, but isn’t it wonderful how well he is camouflaged!

redhead5 redhead6

Now, I’m not really sure if the adult is a Mama or a Papa, but I’m dubbing him a Dad -we’ll just call it blogger’s prerogative. Anyway, Dad flew off with a beakful of food and then returned about ten minutes later for round two.

redhead7 redhead8

Is he not just exquisite!  I have never had a Red-headed Woodpecker come around as often as this one, so I have been beyond thrilled to have him as a regular visitor.

22 thoughts on “Red Alert

  1. Wow, Kathy! Oh and the baby just melts my heart! These are stunning shots, absolutely stunning. No artist could ever resist these. Thank you (imagine that all in caps)! Particular the first with such great shading, will make my job easier (haha I should say “should”, as I never know how they will go)! Bless you!

  2. Kathy he is gorgeous and I would be so excited if he was visiting my yard. Your photo’s capture his spirit, those bold colours and a glint in his eye. I’m in love.

  3. You are SO lucky to have this handsome visitor. Of course, it is a result of the beautiful habitat you have set up, so it is no wonder he returns often. Fantastic shots and especially good to see the baby.

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