Another Flower Feaster

As I’ve mentioned before, my front yard Lantana has become a favorite hangout for the neighborhood butterflies.  The most recent flower feaster was this stunning Gulf Fritillary.

fritillary1 fritillary2

These guys have such a cool design – right down to their spotted eyeballs!

The top side of their wings (which you can get a glimpse of in the picture below) is a bright pattern of orange and black, while the underside has a bit of a stained glass window look.


Now, I have to confess, I’m pretty sure the neighbors are about to label me loony, since I’m losing track of the number of times they have seen me semi-reclined in my driveway, melting away in the hot sun, trying to get a ground level photo!  But hey, when I download the pictures and see one that leaves me standing in awe of God’s handiwork, it makes the ruined reputation (and the burned bottom) worth it!


This last picture was taken when the Fritillary flew over to the nearby Purple Queen and perched for a moment.  I am so hoping that one of my more artistic blogging buddies will paint it!


I wonder what butterfly will show up next!

25 thoughts on “Another Flower Feaster

  1. I like butterflies as much if not more than birds so I am really enjoying your recent amazing butterfly photographs. You have so many different and beautiful ones!

    1. And I would imagine that you would not dub me as crazy for lounging in the driveway in the hundred degree heat to get a few photos…pretty sure you would have grabbed your camera and joined me!

  2. Beautiful, Kathy! I may abstract this one, it is just gorgeous. I may need more patience than I currently possess to actually realistically paint it. Love your story about the driveway, and bravo to you for doing that! I’m a cool weather lover and I’d have melted into the pavement and would be in the drain hole by now lol.

  3. Such pretty butterflies, and you have captured them perfectly! I wouldn’t worry about what the neighbours might say – just show the the results of your work and they will understand;)

  4. Let them label you loony. We appreciate your skill, and until they can take amazing pictures like these, they should sing your praises.

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