No Doubt It’s The Drought

We are in the midst of a fairly major drought here in the Atlanta area, and with the lack of rainfall, the birds have been flooding to my backyard for the fresh water.  There have even been a couple birds that (at least as far as I know) are first time visitors.  Like this Blue-headed Vireo…


…and this female Orchard Oriole.


I’m fairly certain they both came in search of a bath or a refreshing drink, but neither was quite brave enough to challenge the Robins.

And speaking of Robins, they are out in abundance!  They have taken over the fountain…


…they have taken over the birdbath…


…and they have taken over the drinking dish, which is really just the clay saucer for a flower pot sitting on a log.


Now, the Robins don’t seem to mind sharing with each other, but no one else seems to want to share with them.  Both the Blue Jay and the Bluebird below made it perfectly clear that they were not in the mood for drinking buddies.

bluejay bluebird

I think the fresh water also enticed a handful of Waxwings to make an appearance.  They watched and waited until there was a lull in the fountain activity (in other words, until the Robins took a break)…

waxwing1 waxwing2

…and then they got in for a sip and a brief splash.

waxwing3 waxwing4

There has been a ton of bird activity at the fountain and the drinking dishes these past several days; so much so that rather than try to turn this post into a Gone With the Wind length novel I will simply make it part one and save the rest for tomorrow.  Because “after all, tomorrow is another day!”


17 thoughts on “No Doubt It’s The Drought

  1. Kathy it is wonderful for the birds to have you to provide for them during your drought, it is one way to see more bird varieties, your lovely captures highlight this fact.

    1. Thanks – I thought of you when I saw the Oriole since you seem to get them frequently. And I caught my first glimpse of a Yellow-rumped yesterday, so they are arriving!

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