A Tiny Trinity

The trinity has been making frequent appearances in my backyard lately.
Now clearly I’m not talking about the capital “T” version – Father, Son, and Holy Ghost – although they too are regulars at my house!
No, I’m talking about the tiny trio of Nuthatches that have been hanging about, stopping by to enjoy the fresh water.

I’ve posted about the Brown-headed Nuthatch before – a daring, delightful little bird that has a special place in my heart.

brown-headednuthatch1 brown-headednuthatch2

And I’ve posted about the White-breasted Nuthatch on a number of occasions – a curious and comical fellow that makes me smile every time he drops in.

white-breastednuthatch1 white-breastednuthatch2

But I’ve never posted about the Red-breasted Nuthatch until now…simply because this is the first time I’ve ever had one show up in my backyard!

red-breastednuthatch1 red-breastednuthatch2

When you look at his features, you can definitely see the family resemblance.

red-breastednutjatch4 red-breastednuthatch3

I’m not sure how long this newcomer will stick around, but for now, I’ll enjoy having this tiny trinity all here together.

15 thoughts on “A Tiny Trinity

  1. Thinking of Christmas today since it is at the stores… it would make a cute Christmas card to have a Nutcracker with a Nuthatch or two! 💜 Your photos always make me smile! 😄

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