Panda Bird

My backyard is abounding with Chickadees these days.

chickadee1 chickadee2

To be sure, they come for the food, but they have been especially active at the water dishes.

chickadee4 chickadee3

With the weather getting just a bit brisker, these little black and white beauties occasionally puff up their feathers making them look like plump little Panda birds.


Chickadees are constant chatterers and, like most small birds, rarely sit still for long. ย One of the easiest places for me to capture a Kodak moment (although I guess I should say Canon moment)ย is when one drops in for a drink and perches on the edge of the dish.

chickadee7 chickadee8

Getting a picture where you can clearly see their shiny black eye can be a wee bit tricky, so I was pleased that some of these turned out.


They really are cuties!


22 thoughts on “Panda Bird

  1. Chickadees are perhaps my favourite bird. They exude personality and their distinctive call when walking in the woods is delightful.

      1. Ash was home, it was good! Thanks Kathy. I miss you too. Are you on Instagram? I’ve been pretty active there. You can get to my Instagram from my blog home page. If you’re there too, I’d love to connect!

  2. Yeah they really are cuties! I know, very rarely they sit still for long, you’ve captured them beautifully ๐Ÿ˜

  3. They are adorable and your photo’s are amazing, up-close and personal. Thanks for brightening up my days with your beautiful photography this year Kathy. Happy New Year to you and your family.

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