The Blues Are Back

The Bluebirds are back and have been making frequent visits to my backyard.


This fellow stopped by the other day to check out the food offerings.


As usual, he sifted through the seed until he found what he was after…yummy mealworms!  I have a feeling he would be the type to poke at the chocolates in a Whitman ‘s sampler until he found the one with the caramel in the middle.  Not that I would know anything about that!

bluebird3 bluebird4

He also helped himself to a lengthy, leisurely drink of water.

bluebird6 bluebird5 bluebird7

I still love that there’s some autumn blur in the background, although I have a feeling this remnant of leaves will soon be dropping down to join its peers as part of the crunchy brown carpet below.


You really can’t help but smile when one of these beauties shows up!

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