A Pileated Pop In

This Pileated Woodpecker popped in this morning.  He was on the ground in the backyard, pecking at a rotted tree stump, hoping to find some bugs for breakfast.

He (you can tell it’s a male by the Cherry Koolaid mustache) is yet another red head that I hope becomes a regular visitor!  Hmmm…maybe I should strap a dead stump to the deck right next to the Bark Butter branch so I can get a better picture!

14 thoughts on “A Pileated Pop In

  1. We have a pair of these that come. They are hard to capture. Very skidding and cautious. Always looking around. Does yours also? They are huge too. And almost prehistoric looking huh? Great capture!

    1. I had such a hard time getting to where I could get a clear shot of him. I so hope he comes back and poses in a place where I can get a good photo!

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