Grab and Go (In the January Snow!)

What is happening in the south?

In a state known for its fair weather winters, we woke up to eleven degree temperatures and our second snowfall in as many months.  So while the neighborhood kids were rejoicing over closed schools, I was grabbing my gloves and my Uggs and heading out with the camera.

The birds were out in full force, grabbing food and then quickly flying away.  It’s always hard to decide which pictures to share, so I thought today I would post three different pictures of three different birds.  Let’s start with the Blue Jay…

And now for the Cardinal, whose red feathers always look so stunning against a snowy backdrop.

And we’ll close out with the Yellow-rumped Warbler, who took a break from his aerial antics to grab a bite to eat.

Okay…the Blue Jays were so breathtaking today that I can’t stop at three…so let’s end how we started, with three more photos of these bold beautiful fellows.

Ah…snow days are the best!


23 thoughts on “Grab and Go (In the January Snow!)

    1. I stood out for about 40 minutes and I’m pretty sure every part of me was frozen! Funny thing is, I am not a fan of cold weather…unless I have a camera!

  1. My Grandson, Benjamin, and I are visitors from Jodi’s blog this morning. Benjamin is in love with all of your beautiful birds. We are doing two things…exploring previous posts and signing up to stay. Thank-you x 2!!

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