My Friend Flicker

Okay…so the Flicker that has been flitting around the outskirts of my backyard isn’t really my friend yet, but I am hopeful.

I first caught a glimpse of this guy on our recent snow day.  I was paying some bills and glanced out the window and saw this hefty but handsome fellow at the far end of the yard.  I was afraid he was going to fly away before I could get a picture, so I grabbed my camera but neglected to grab a coat, gloves or even shoes!

At first, he kept his distance, but eventually he flew over to a limb in the center of the yard.  I’m pretty sure he was keeping as much of an eye on me as I was on him!

Then he scurried back to a safer distance and did his best to blend in with the Oak tree bark.

Eventually (much to my delight) the lure of readily available food seemed to overcome his fear and he landed on the Bark Butter Branch.

Isn’t he handsome!  He (you can tell its a male by the mustache) is a yellow-shafted Northern Flicker who lives in my state year round but who rarely shows up at my feeders.

I have to confess, his markings make him look like the victim of a slumber party prank!

I hope he will decide he LOVES my backyard and quickly comes to the conclusion that I am friend and not foe!

21 thoughts on “My Friend Flicker

  1. Beautiful! We have red shafted here. I have a pair that winter at my house every year. I bet he sticks around. He got a taste of bird cocaine-bark butter!!!

  2. He looks cold! I have a resident flicker here too, but I’ve never noticed that lovely orange patch around the eye. I wonder if your flickers have a southern coloration.

  3. Oh Kathy! How exciting! He is beautiful!!!! I have no doubt he will fall in LOVE with your backyard! Especially the Bark Butter Branch! 🙂

  4. OH Kathy he has such wonderful markings! What a treat to see him! Thanks for sharing!

  5. He surely is beautiful birdie. Enjoyed reading your description as well. I’m sure he’ll become your friend soon. 🙂

  6. A very beautiful and interesting bird Kathie I have not seen before I don’t think. Love its pattern. It appears this might be a difficult bird to photograph because it is shy?

  7. I have never seen a Northern Flicker. He looks like he is modeling for your gorgeous photos. He has quite a beak on him. Benjamin is going to be ecstatic when he sees this fella on Monday. Thank-you!

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