A Delightful Descencion

When I looked out my front door the other day, I noticed a flurry of bird activity across the street in my neighbor’s crabapple tree.  That can only mean one thing – Cedar Waxwings!

A few moments later, about a dozen of them took off and flew directly over my roof, which usually means they are about to visit my backyard fountain for a drink.  Sure enough, several of them descended and helped themselves to a  bit of refreshment.

Most of them quickly flew back to partake of more berries, but a couple decided to stick around to bask on the branches in the warmth of the sun.

Always a delight when these guys show up!


14 thoughts on “A Delightful Descencion

  1. Beautiful birds! Love the various poses you were able to get – want to try painting them. Thank you.

  2. They always give themselves away by traveling in gangs & causing a commotion. Usually in a tree with fruits. I have seen them here in NC & in winters when we lived in Florida, especially in the Brazilian pepper trees, later designated “invasive species” & removed wherever discovered. But my! how the waxwings feasted on those plentiful berries. Flocks of robins too.

  3. wow kathy! these are amazing. I never noticed the little pink/red tip on the wings. They are so smooth and “waxy” looking. These are such great shots!!!

  4. What a blessing Kathie to have them water in your yard, they always look like plastic models to me, that waxy smooth look, quite a stunning and unique bird.

  5. Oh, I so enjoy it when I get a visit from this bird at the lake!! Just love their markings! If they had a little blue on them they would complete the primary colors of yellow, red and blue! I think that God make them perfect the way they are though! 💛❤️💙

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