A Tremendous Trio

There are three different kinds of woodpeckers that have been hanging about in my backyard this season.

The smallest is the Downy Woodpecker.  Though diminutive in size, this is quite a determined little bird.  He is not easily deterred from grabbing his fair share of the Bark Butter.

The Red-bellied Woodpecker also shows up on a daily basis.  This guy is a bit bossier than the Downy, which can probably be attributed to his bigger beak.

The third, though traditionally not a regular at my feeders, is this stunning Northern Flicker who has stuck around for about a month now.  I think he discovered the Bark Butter during our last snow and decided he liked it.

Come late spring, I’m hoping my handsome Red-headed Woodpecker will return …

…but for now, I’ll just keep enjoying this tremendous trio.

14 thoughts on “A Tremendous Trio

  1. A wonderful gallery of colorful “peckerwoods,” as my Hall County, Georgia cuddin’ calls them. I have them all of these in my backyard too & also that lumberjackhammer, the pileated woodpecker who comes down from the mountain & makes a loud racket in our old trees. He was here earlier this afternoon. I hope your handsome red-head turns up right on time. Thank you again for the fabulous photos.

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