From Talons to Tongue

If you happened to see yesterday’s post, you know that I got a new camera to play with – Merry Christmas to me!  Thanks Mom and Dad!  Well, this little Canon is basically a Powershot on steroids with a zoom that packs quite a punch.

Although it lacks the fast focus of my Rebel and doesn’t give me a soft, blurry background (what they call bokah in photography speak) it makes up for it in distance and details.  This camera allows me to capture birds that are at the edge of the yard with pretty decent clarity.  For example, my Flicker friend is still hanging around and was skirting about the outskirts of the yard this afternoon.

A little later, he dropped down for some Bark Butter.  The same zoom that let me snag his picture when he was at a distance lets me see some amazing details when he got closer.  From tongue, to talons, to the flow of the feathers, I love all the features that are made clearer.  If you click on a picture to enlarge it you’ll see what I mean.

Here are some other birds whose lovely details were highlighted by the extra zoom.

I couldn’t decide whether to choose the sunny or the shady picture of the male Bluebird, so I’ll just go with both!

And of course, it doesn’t just work on birds…it also captured the mulchy mug shot of this chipmunk chaser!

Ah…photography is such fun!

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